Ongoing Bonus for Suggesting Swondo to Others

You will receive 1 US$ reduction per new leaser per month as long as the new leaser keeps leasing and you keep leasing.
Just ask the new leaser to fill-in your avatar name at the landorder form: Recommended by.

How does it work:

A new leaser fills in your name at the "recommended by" section on the land-order page.
At the moment a new leaser pays his invoice (Invoices go per 2 months) 2 US$ is added to your bonus reserve.
When it is your own time to pay your lease again, the bonus reserve is deducted from your invoice amount and your bonus reserve is set to zero again.
In other words: At each payment, by the leaser who recommended you, your bonus reserve goes up 1 US$ per paid month.
Your build up bonus gets deducted from your next invoice amount at the moment the invoice is send to you.
When the new leaser stops leasing, adding to your bonus build up also stops for that lease. This can mean that you will still receive one more time the deduction because of previous added bonus.

To be clear: For each leaser who was recomended by you, you receive a 1US$ bonus for each months they pay lease until they stop leasing or you stop leasing.

When you yourself stop leasing, build up bonus is not paid to you. However the bonus keeps adding and is deducted when you start leasing again. Bonus build up is never paid to you other then deduction from your own lease.

There is one exception: When the number of ongoing leasers which filled in your name is higher then your own current and ongoing lease amount (you pay 15US$ p/m and you receive 16 US$ p/m bonus or more and therfor your bonus reserve keeps building up even though there is 15 US$ deducted from this reserve each month), then you receive a paypal payment each time when the reserve gets to 20 US$.

Practical example:

Your own lease 15 US$ p/m
5 people filled in your name(in the past) and paid their 2 months invoice since your own last payment. Your bonus reserve got added 5 times 2 months = 10 US$
Then you receive your new invoice for the next two months

Lease Treasure Island - March 10, 2022 - April 10, 2022     15 US$
Lease Treasure Island - April 10, 2022 - May 10, 2022        15 US$
Current Bonus reserve is deducted                                 -10 US$
Total amount to pay:                   20 US$

If your invoice amount becomes less then 20 US$ due to the bonus, the invoice is still send. The minimum invoice amount rule applies to the price before bonus deduction.

A new aplicant for land can neither put its own name or a name of someone who is not a Swondo land owner in the "recommended by" section . The system is meant to bring in extra leasing people. Not as a way to get land for less :)

Every time your Bonus reserve changes, you will receive an e-mail unless you ask to send these overviews only once per month. So in this case you have received 5 overview e-mails in the last two months and receive a new overview right after you pay your own invoice. In the last 5 e-mails you noticed your bonus reserve increasing to 10 US$ and in the 6th e-mail, after you paid your invoice, you see the bonus-reserve is decreased to zero again.

For privacy reasons, we do not actually name the leaser its name from who you receive bonus. However when you know the person and you know he or she has setup a lease yesterday then you can figure it out because you would receive a new bonus overview the next day. When the new leaser leaves after a few months, you will not notice this other then your bonus build up changes and you'll receive one update less per month. You can figure it out but that will take a bit more investigation from your side. The total number of ongoing leases of which you receive bonus is mentioned in each overview you receive. The date on which you receive a new overview can vary because people not always pay on the same day and your bonus gets added only when someone actually pays. So when people lease but then disappear and just don't pay even though the new lease is due, then your bonus will not add-up. It always takes a while before we clean out the land because we always try to communicate first. So it can happen that land is still occupied but you did not receive your bonus (yet). Again you could figure it out but as we value privacy, we will not inform you or answer any quesions about it.