Payment per 6 Months

If you ask to pay upfront for 6 months instead of per 2 months, then your price per month goes down from 15 US$ to 13 US$ per month. So your invoice amount will be 78 US$ instead of 90 US$.

However there are three things to consider:

Payments are done upfront and you cannot receive a refund when you decided to leave before the 6 months are ended whatever the reason.
We cannot refund because Swondo prices are very close to the costs we have. the margin is really thin. PayPal charges us at any transaction (we do not receive 78US$ when you pay) and a substantial part of the costs we have is the time spend on manual administrative tasks and communicating about it.

When you receive bonus-reserve-build-up because you recommended others to lease with Swondo, you will only notice the bonus deduction on your next lease which can be rather far away when you just paid your 6 months lease.

You will not be refunded when the lease is ended due to overburden the fair-use policy or other conflicts with the Swondo covenant have occurred and your lease is terminated due to breaking the rules as judged by Swondo management.
I have to add that we only had to enforce this rule once in the 16 years we are active as land providing comapny. Usually things can be resolved in communicating.

You do not have to pay per 6 months again after your first 6 month lease is due. You can decide at every new invoice what do to next. No obligations beyond any lease period no matter if it was a 2 month or a 6 month lease.

If Swondo cannot deliver the offered land service till the end of your intended lease, then you will receive a refund for the time your lease agreement was not delivered.
Outages of service, although rare, that last longer then 24 hours are compensated in time on your lease. This means that you will receive notice that your lease was extended by x days to a new end-date. This compensation in time you will receive only when the outage was caused by OSgrid grid service or Swondo. Only when the outage should last longer then a month and you no longer want to keep your land and you have a six month lease, then you can receive a partial refund based on the time still left on your lease.