Swondo Island

Woods and flowers in a Mediterranean climate.
Plenty of room to explore and build.
A large, high snowy mountain can be climbed to experience freezing temperatures.
9 US$ Per month, no start-up costs and no prim limits.

Swondo Island is a 768x768m region with a very large island filled with woods and flowers in a Mediterranean climate.
There is plenty of room to explore and build in hilly and flat areas.
A large, high snowy mountain can be climbed to experience freezing temperatures and hear the icy wind.
Two hanging foot-bridges. One to cross a deep ravine with a little river below.
The island has a large fresh-lake connected to the ocean with a small river through a mountain corridor.
This region has sandy beaches, grasland, rocks, snow and even a tiny tropical island in south-west corner.

Everything in the sim can be taken out or changed at wish. Swondo offers these designs as an initial start from where your journey begins.
If you don't like white sand anywhere at all, then we deliver the region with a more 'dark sand mixed with gras' texture where water meets land. You can see this variant in some of the taken pictures. The tiny tropical island will be taken out then as well.
With the received management rights all kind of region settings can be changed like for example changing terrain textures and acces limits.

The region name and map-location can be chosen at order and changed at any time for free.
We strongly advice to visit and walk and fly around before you order to feel if this initial setup is the one best for you.
Go inworld in OSgrid, open the world-map and search 'Swondo Island'

Exploring the large woods is best done by off-road capable vehicle or horse.

The new price is based on fair-use. There are no longer prim restrictions.

The billing cycle is per 3 months.
This means payment upfront 27US$ or 27Euro per 3 months. no start-up fee etc.

Receiving a backup(OAR) for free is possible after a minimum of 4 months lease and only if you have made changes and added your creations to the region.

Do you realize that a lease with Swondo is cheaper then running your sim from home?
(Based on electricity costs of running a PC 24 hours, 365 days per year at home)

If you want more information then contact Sylvia Sonoda please.
Before you order do read the Swondo covenant to prevent misunderstandings.
If you want to lease this region, then please visit the Land-Order page and chose 'Swondo Island'.

Or go back to the Swondo home page here .

768x768 meter var-region

Photos are taken at Swondo Island.