Swondo Beach Life

Endless Tropical beaches on a 768x768 meter region.
Three ships sailing the shallow waters
Two little mountains to seek some shadow on a hot day
9 US$ Per month, no start-up costs and no prim number restrictions.

Tropical region with endless easy sloped beaches and woods to seek shadow.
Two mountains to break the skyline and find a place to cool-down in the rocky shadow
The size of the region(called 'sim' by SL refugees) is 768x768 meters(9 traditional regions) large.
Sailing ships with birds overhead navigate through the small waterways between the islands.
Your region can be placed connected to the Swondo large ocean or free floating on the OSgrid map.

Everything in the sim can be taken out or changed at wish. Swondo offers these designs as a starting point from where your journey begins.
With the received management rights all kind of region settings can be changed like for example terrain textures and acces limits.

The region name and map-location can be chosen at order and changed at any time for free. Just ask Sylvia.

The price is based on fair-use. There are no prim restrictions.

The billing cycle is per 3 months.
This means payment upfront of 27US$ or 27Euro per 3 months. no start-up fee etc.
If you miss a payment do not worry. Swondo never closes a region without several communication attempts over a stretched period.

Receiving a backup(OAR) for free is possible after a minimum of 4 months lease.
Backups(OAR files) are created every 24 hours and stored at two different RealWorld locations to protect your creative work.
If you mess-up your land then please do not panic. A backup can revert your land to a previous state.

Do realize that a lease with Swondo is cheaper then running a sim from home.
(Based on electricity costs of running a computer 24 hours, 365 days per year at home)

If you want more information then contact Sylvia Sonoda please.
Before you order do read the Swondo covenant to prevent misunderstandings.
If you want to lease this region, then please visit the Land-Order page and chose 'Beach Life'.

Or go back to the Swondo home page here .

Photos are taken at Beach Life in OSgrid
For reference this worldmap image shows how large the region is compared to a tradional sized region.

click to enlarge

BaeachLife01.jpg BaeachLife02.jpg BaeachLife03.jpg BaeachLife04.jpg BaeachLife05.jpg BaeachLife06.jpg BaeachLife07.jpg BaeachLife08.jpg BaeachLife09.jpg BaeachLife10.jpg BaeachLife11.jpg extra01.jpg extra02.jpg extra03.jpg extra04.jpg extra05.jpg extra06.jpg extra07.jpg BaeachLife12.jpg BaeachLife13.jpg BaeachLife14.jpg BaeachLife15.jpg BaeachLife16.jpg BaeachLife17.jpg BaeachLife18.jpg BaeachLife19.jpg BaeachLife20.jpg