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 Regions or land available for restricted lease

Eschach Horn Pinswang Swondo Mountain

Parts of these regions can be leased for building a house and living in it. Buildings have to fit climate and surrounding constructions if there are any.
Usually one or two parcels per region are leased out. When it is one parcel, then usually this means the whole region. Per specific region there are building and usage rules.
It has to be light use. Not many heavy meshes in the conscruction and furniture. Landscape adjustments are not possible.
Closing the land is not allowed. Only lease this land if you do like it when strangers show up at any moment for a chat. The position of these lands is perfectly close to the heart of OSgrid and the boardwalk. Contact Sylvia directly with your intensions if you like one of these regions.Contact page

The price per month with 2000 prims will be 7.00 US$ per month. Extra prims possible at a small fee extra.
(Invoice 21.00 US$ per 3 months upfront. No startup fee. No refunds when leaving sooner. For more freedom in any way, check our Land order page please.)

Eschach - Two castles with land available for restricted lease and a ruine with 7 levels underground for a special Project.
Horn - Two wooden mansions with land for restricted lease available.
Pinswang - One house on top of a snow mountain with almost the total region as garden for resticted lease.
Swondo Mountain - Almost 2/3 of the region for one restricted lease.

Ex (purple) = Example regions. These landscapes can be chosen at a new sim lease. They are here so people can visit them before making a choice.
Sp (yellow) = Special project. This means there is a plan for this region or land waiting for the right person(s) to realize it.